NURS 6003 Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

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NURS 6003 Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

NURS 6003 Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Professional strategies are techniques for achieving individual performance goals which include areas such as leadership, decision making, problem-solving, influencing, motivation, and navigating office politics that are often a strategic challenge for a career. Enrolling into Walden University to advance my education is one huge step of an individual performance goal towards my portfolio. Congratulations to all my colleagues for taking the initial step of enrolling at Walden University to advance our education.
However, as a Registered nurse and a wife of an entrepreneur in a healthcare business. The strategy for my portfolio is to gain a more active approach to professional networking. Nursing is a highly dynamic field. Patient care protocols are constantly evolving. New technology and medical advancements are developing at an ever-increasing pace (Schmidt n.d.). The scope of the nursing practice continues to expand as different diseases & viruses continue to erupt, for example, Covid-19, with new rules & regulations, and guidelines to adapt. Professional networking can be a big help in this endeavor. Developing professional relationships, attending professional conferences and utilizing professional networking websites, attending meetings and workshops. Professionally networking with other healthcare departments such as therapies, physicians, social workers, etc., all these serve to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information that are vital to keeping a nurse’s knowledge fresh and relevant. Building bonds with professionals of all types enhances an active networking approach which establishes a relationship that is mutually beneficial and more palatable. I plan to use professional networking on my academic activities, my accomplishments in my professional portfolio, and enhancing the family business.

NURS 6003 Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Another strategy I plan to add to my portfolio is to turn to someone whose career I admire. “A Mentor”. A person who can give objective advice. As Tony Robbins would often say, “Success leaves clues.” Studying a career path of those who have already achieved massive success and mimic their actions. Engaging and shadowing a mentor who has been in your position and grown from it. They would be able to answer your questions without judgment. It’s a matter of physics; engaging a mentor creates a soft counterforce to balance the sometimes-rock-hard path of professional growth (Robbins).
The Institute of Physics reports that, in addition to cultivating new skills and an understanding of one’s career trajectory, engaging a mentor also provides a sense of stability, constructive feedback, and an unbiased perspective on the mentee’s goals, strengths, and challenges. Mentorship is a safe space for exploring one’s weaknesses and practicing new skills without fear of reproach. Thanks to the week 7 assignment (Medtrek) that forces us to find our preceptor(s) earlier and I plan to explore the site more to familiarize myself with the preceptorship goals.
There are other strategies for academic activities and accomplishments that I could add to my professional portfolio in other to obtain my optimal goal. I will not only have a mentor but would surround myself with positive people with the same or similar goals to encourage and boost one another. Utilizing Walden’s Center for Social Change as a networking hub with three major commitments: empowering change-makers, building community, and elevating social change outcomes (Walden (n.d.). would strengthen and add to my developing skills at Walden University.

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NURS 6003 Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios
In the realm of marketing, a successful branding strategy is one of the most important contributors to organizational success. A solid branding strategy can help add visibility and credibility to a company’s products.
Similarly, nurse-scholars can build a personal brand to add visibility and credibility to their work. You can begin building your brand by developing and maintaining an academic portfolio. Such an activity can help share the results of your efforts and contribute to your success. This Module’s Discussion asks you to consider and share strategies for building your portfolio.
Note: Unless otherwise noted, initial postings to Discussions are due on or before Day 3, and response postings are due on or before Day 6. You are required to participate in the Discussion on at least three different days (a different day for main post and each response). It is important to adhere to the weekly time frame to allow others ample time to respond to your posting. In addition, you are expected to respond to questions directed toward your own initial posting in a timely manner.
To Prepare:
• Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios or portfolio elements that focus on academic achievements.
• Review one or more samples from your own research of resources focused on portfolio development.
By Day 3 of Week 8
Post an explanation of at least two strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments into your professional development goals. Then, explain how those goals may align with the University’s emphasis on social change. Be specific and provide examples.
By Day 6 of Week 8
Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by offering additional ideas regarding academic achievements to include or offering alternative ways of presenting the current achievements.

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NURS 6003 Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

NURS 6003 Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Initial Post: Discussion – Week 8
The growing need for more practitioners joining general and family practices calls for advanced practice nurses to establish and maintain work portfolios to present to future employers. Portfolios are considered an essential tool in demonstrating professional accomplishments and documenting professional growth for a variety of professions (Burns, 2018). Maintaining a robust portfolio of material evidencing professional development activities and how they have informed and influenced practice is therefore a mandatory requirement (Casey & Egan, 2010). Evidence used within the portfolio can undertake a personal review of where a practitioner currently is in terms of their development and consider where they want to be (Casey & Egan, 2010).
I plan on creating and maintaining a work portfolio so that I can become visible and credible to my future employers. A portfolio is used as a marketing tool that showcases an individual’s skills, achievements, and goals. My portfolio will list all current achievements, education, specialty certifications, career goals, and learning plan. The professional work portfolio aligns with Walden’s vision of social change. Walden describes the positive social change as a deliberate process of creating and applying ideas, strategies, and actions to promote the worth, dignity, and development of individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, and societies (Walden, n.d.).
I also plan to use social networks such as LinkedIn to stay connected to other practitioners who also use the site to collaborate, educate, and stay informed. A social network allows everyone to participate in the discussion and contribute to the overall initiative (Barton, 2010). Joining nursing student groups such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow for formal and informal introductions and discussions in these groups that may benefit students. All academic and professional students may find this form of communication helpful and imperative in search of a job in the nursing field.

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NURS 6003 Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Strategies for Academic Portfolios

A nursing portfolio is a collection of brochures highlighting a nurse’s accomplishments, experience, participation, and abilities (Burns, 2018). Burns (2018) explains the functions of nursing portfolios. Burns noted that a portfolio’s reason should contain self-promotion, evidence of the outcome, structure, and the individual’s intended direction. Through the portfolio, nurses will demonstrate their accomplishments, competencies, and ambitions to future employers. The professional portfolio will not replace a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), but it will augment them by highlighting a candidate’s professional achievements (Alfred, 2016).
To include academic activities and achievements in my professional portfolio, I will describe the educational program coursework I have completed along with the degrees I have received, including the school name, dates attended, and study field (East, 2015). I will list all awards, distinctions, and professional growth experiences. I will include certificates of continuous education from agency, regional, state, and local programs. I will identify my certification number by identifying the certification, the certifying body, and the certification date, and I will ensure that it is current. Lastly, I will make it simple to update my portfolio with new information, if necessary; I will create an electronic portfolio. As my career progresses, I will revise my portfolio and present myself with my most recent accomplishments and objectives (Casey & Egan, 2010). As I market myself to prospective companies, I will provide all pertinent facts in a clean and straightforward fashion.
As I indicated at the beginning of this class, I work in a mental health facility, and my aim is to acquire a mental health nurse practitioner degree. Some people refer to mental health nursing as “another type of nursing,” or they ask me, “Why did you choose to deal with insane individuals?” This field of nursing is extremely stressful for patients, their families, and us nurses as well. Fortunately, I am passionate about working in mental health care. To create societal change is to alter how individuals perceive mental health nursing and mental disease. To achieve this, I provide my patients with comprehensive treatment by listening to them and responding to their needs. I advocate on their behalf and treat them without prejudice.
Theodore, L. (2016). enhancing one’s professional portfolio 87-88 in Radiation Therapist, 25(1).
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I thoroughly liked reading your piece, which, in terms of techniques, approaches, and areas of particular concern – mental health – was remarkably similar to my own. There is a proverb that goes, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” A nursing portfolio is a component of the blueprint that guides the student nurse from school to a professional career. When set out and accompanied by a plan for achieving them, goals lead to achievement. The key is to strive for excellence (Laureate Education, 2018). The nursing portfolio aligns with the good social change promoted by Walden University.
The objective of positive social change at Walden University is to produce graduate students who are ready and eager to reform society via their actions and projects that directly influence the concerns of regular people (Walden University, 2017).

The Laureate Education Corporation (2018). The Walden Path to a Master of Science in Nursing: Your Professional Development Strategy (Video file). Baltimore, MD Author.
The university Walden (2017). 2017 Report on Walden 2020: A Vision for Social Change

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